I set up the Northwoman WordPress blog around 2010, when I was heavy into fanfiction and just on the cusp of reading urban fantasy. Previously I had read diversely in my high school and college years, loving mysteries, space opera and romances. Anyway, before I got posting here, I started reading much more diversely and then reviewing on some friends’ blogs before starting Books of My Heart in late 2017. I have four friends who blog with me, ranging from once a month to once or twice a week reviews. I post 2-4 reviews each week myself. Here’s info on that blogging history if you are interested.

It is unlikely I will post regularly here, unless I go back to fanfiction in a big way. So in the meantime if you want to follow my book blog, which is book reviews and memes, I recommend it. You can choose to subscribe to all posts or a weekly digest, or you can follow with Bloglovin’ or Feedly. Personally, I use Feedly to manage my subscriptions. I have never liked Bloglovin and it appears to be not working well at this time, so sometimes the widget disappears. At some point, I will try to add a follow through WordPress button, but I haven’t figured that out yet. Most of you ended up here by following by WordPress I think. The subscription options are all at the top of the right sidebar on Books of My Heart, along with ways to follow me on various social media. Thank you for your interest.




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